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Zowe Resources

Here are some of the many resources you can use to learn more about Zowe! We recommend starting with the Zowe documentation, and branching out from there.

Zowe Docs

A comprehensive guide to all things Zowe! Go here if you want a clear, detailed written walkthrough of how Zowe works, the features and benefits of each component, and information about installation and troubleshooting.

Open Mainframe Project YouTube Channel

Go here if you want video demonstrations of Zowe components, detailed step by step walkthroughs of Zowe use cases, and conference/webinar presentations.

Browse code and raise issues

Go here if you want to see all of Zowe’s code, raise issues, or start contributing to Zowe!

Zowe Z Trial

Go here if you want to get hands-on experience with Zowe’s components without installing anything.

Note: This no-charge trial hosted by IBM is available in two hours for three days.

Medium Blog

Go here if you want to read through detailed Zowe stories from the community and real companies on how they implemented Zowe.

Open Mainframe Project Slack

Go here if you want to connect with the community of Zowe developers and users, ask questions, and offer ideas!

Supporting resources

Here are some great resources to build your knowledge and skills for modern mainframe development!

IBM Z Xplore

New to mainframe development? This course is the place to start!

Visual Studio Code

The IDE you need to use Zowe Explorer and any vendor products built on top of it

Web Development With Node.js

An easy resource to combine mainframe with modern development paradigms