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Zowe version 2.3.1 is now available. You can download the installers for this release from the Download page. To learn what's new in this release, see the Release notes.

Zowe version 1.28.1 is now available. You can download the installers for this release from the Download page. To learn what's new in this release, see the Release notes.

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Zowe is an integrated and extensible open source framework for z/OS. Zowe, like Mac OS or Windows, comes with a set of APIs and OS capabilities that applications build on and also includes some applications out of the box.

Zowe offers modern interfaces to interact with z/OS and allows you to work with z/OS in a way that is similar to what you experience on cloud platforms today. You can use these interfaces as delivered or through plug-ins and extensions that are created by clients or third-party vendors.

Zowe is composed of several components, each improving the learning ability, accessibility, and possibility of mainframe development.

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Open, Simple, Familiar

Combining the past and the present to build the future of mainframe

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SHARE Columbus 22
August 21 - August 14
Join us for SHARE Columbus, August 21-26, 2022, for a week-long program of unmatched education, face-to-face networking opportunities, live technical sessions and receptions.
Open Mainframe Summit 22
September 21 - September 22
The Open Mainframe Summit brings together all of the different types of mainframers – from students to hobbyists, seasoned professionals to new engineers, developers, and educators – to share best practices, discuss hot topics, learn technical insight from the best, and network with like-minded individuals who are passionate about the mainframe industry.
November 01 - November 03
Mainframes are MAD – Modern, Adaptable, Diverse

Zowe components

Zowe Application Framework

A web user interface (UI) that provides a virtual desktop containing a number of apps allowing access to z/OS function. Base Zowe includes apps for traditional access such as a 3270 terminal and a VT Terminal, as well as an editor and explorers for working with JES, MVS Data Sets and Unix System Services.

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API Mediation Layer

Provides a gateway that acts as a reverse proxy for z/OS services, together with a catalog of REST APIs and a dynamic discovery capability. Base Zowe provides core services for working with MVS Data Sets, JES, as well as working with z/OSMF REST APIs. The API Mediation Layer also provides a framework for Single Sign On (SSO).

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Zowe CLI

Provides a command-line interface that lets you interact with the mainframe remotely and use common tools such as Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), shell commands, bash scripts, and build tools for mainframe development. It provides a set of utilities and services for application developers that want to become efficient in supporting and building z/OS applications quickly. The CLI provides a core set of commands for working with data sets, USS, JES, as well as issuing TSO and console commands.

Zowe CLI Plug-ins: Secure Credential Store Plug-inCICS Plug-inDb2 Plug-inFTP Plug-inIMS Plug-inMQ Plug-in

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Zowe Explorer

A Visual Studio Code extension that modernizes the way developers and system administrators interact with z/OS mainframes. Zowe Explorer lets you interact with data sets, USS files, and jobs that are stored on z/OS. The extension complements your Zowe CLI experience and lets you use authentication services like API Mediation Layer.

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Zowe Client SDKs (under development)

Provides access to a set of programmatic APIs that you can use to build client applications or scripts that interact with z/OS.

Zowe SDKs: Node SDKPython SDKSwift SDK

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ZEBRA (Incubator)

Provides re-usable and industry compliant JSON formatted RMF/SMF data records, so that many other ISV SW and users can exploit them using open-source SW for many ways.

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Zowe IntelliJ Plugin (Incubator)

A plugin is dedicated to facilitate working with z/OS datasets through providing a possibility to work with them in any IntelliJ IDE. The plugin provides such abilities as working with z/OS datasets and USS files, exploring and managing JES Jobs.

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Zowe Chat Incubator

An incubator focused on working with the mainframe from popular chat clients such as Slack® , Microsoft Teams® , and Mattermost® . Whether you're collaborating with your team to diagnose issues, need a quick read on the state of a system, or want push notifications from your monitoring tools, Zowe Chat will simplify those experiences and integrate directly into your chat clients. Stay tuned, more to come!

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